Carla Fernandes – Casual

Carla Fernandes – Casual


“Casual” is a summer song with surprisingly dropping chorus and definite carefree atmosphere. The official music video brings a lot of colors not only in amazing, modern outfits but also in a scenography. It presents a new quality of being relaxed and chilled when it comes to relations.


Music credits:

Written by: Sigourney Korper, Livvy Nicole, Emma Stakes, Cameron Warren
Production: Cameron Warren
Mix: Cameron Warren
Master: Samuel Wills

Video credits:

Director, DOP : Dawid Ziemba
Production: Artur Strączek, Kuba Kapała/ MIND PRODUCTIONS
Creative Director: Martha Tarnowska
Stylist: Bartek Indyka
Make-up / Hair: Dagmara Wróbel
DOP’s Assistant: Mateusz Kalinowski
Executive Producer: Universal Music Poland

Let’s just keep it Casual